Microsoft updated Dev Center app, makes other improvements.



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Microsoft has updated their  Dev Center app for Windows Phone developers.

The app now supports:

  1. Filter reviews by market: Now you can filter reviews by market, just like on the Dev Center website.
  2. App submission status: The details screen for each app now shows you the status of the current submission for your app in Dev Center.
  3. Quick access to “share app” and “view in Store” from the apps list: Just tap and hold in the apps list.
  4. Updated Microsoft Account sign-in page: Microsoft has updated the sign-in page to support the latest and greatest Microsoft Account sign-in experience. Aside from making the sign-in experience consistent with other apps that use your Microsoft Account, this also provides native support for two-step verification.
  5. Windows Phone 8 version: Better support for  720p phones.

Microsoft has also improved their Dev Center financial summary reporting, which now includes “Proceeds since last payment” to show what you have earned but have not yet been paid. This amount represents both your reserved and pending balances which is:devcenterqr

  • Reserved represents proceeds that are currently held and not yet available for payment. Typically these proceeds come from the most recent sales. On average, funds remain in this category for about 30 days.
  • Pending represents proceeds that have been held long enough to move out of the reserved category, and will be scheduled for payment the following month.

Microsoft also acknowledged cases where app submissions could get delayed in “processing submission” or “pending signing” for longer than usual, and other cases where attempts to cancel a submission would result in a “can’t cancel” error, and said fixes were on the way.  Microsoft also said they would work to keep download data, which has been stalled recently, more up to date.

The Dev Center App can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

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