Microsoft Tries To Patent Bunch Of Its Innovation

Today Microsoft’s many patent applications got published by USPTO and even got awarded for some patents. They are related to Social Search, Shopping search, marketplace app promotion, game achievement system, paint simulation,etc.. You would have seen many of these in action from Microsoft either through its research projects or its products itself.



A system described herein includes an acquirer component that acquires an electronic document that comprises text in a first language, wherein the acquirer component acquires the electronic document based at least in part upon a physical object comprising the text contacting or becoming proximate to the interactive display of the surface computing device. The system also includes a language selector component that receives an indication of a second language from a user of the surface computing device and selects the second language. A translator component translates the text in the electronic document from the first language to the second language, and a formatter component formats the electronic document for display to the user on the interactive display of the surface computing device, wherein the electronic document comprises the text in the second language.

Shopping Search Engines

A web search system uses humans to rank the relevance of results returned for various sample search queries. The search results may be divided into groups allowing training and validation with the ranked results. Consistent guidelines for human evaluation allow consistent results across a number of people performing the ranking. After a machine learning categorization tool, such as MART, has been programmed and validated, it may be used to provide an absolute rank of relevance for documents returned, rather than a simple relative ranking, based, for example, on key word matches and click counts. Documents with lower relevance rankings may be excluded from consideration when developing related refinements, such as category and price sorting.

Integrating a Search Service with a Social Network Resource


A system is described for integrating a search engine and one or more social network resources. The system operates by determining whether a search operation being conducted by a user warrants interaction with a social network resource. If so, the system may provide an invitation to the user to forward a query-related message to the social network resource. The system then sends the message to a group of contacts via the social network resource, where the group of contacts can be defined in various ways. The system receives a response from at least one contact in the group of contacts and presents that response to the user using various delivery mechanisms, as governed by various delivery timings



A paint simulation system described herein includes a brush component that outputs a three-dimensional computer-implemented model of an image editing tool. A paint component receives the three-dimensional computer-implemented model and generates a two-dimensional map corresponding to a footprint of the three-dimensional model with respect to a computer-implemented canvas, wherein resolution of the two-dimensional map is substantially similar to resolution of a paint map of the computer-implemented canvas.



Assigning a mobile application to a promotional slot in a mobile application marketplace managed by an operator. One or more bids for the promotional slot in the mobile application marketplace are received. Each of the received bids is associated with one of a plurality of applications and includes a value representing a proposed revenue share with the operator. Revenue potential information corresponding to the applications associated with the bids is accessed. Expected revenue for the operator for the applications associated with the bids is calculated based on the received bids and the accessed revenue potential information. The calculated expected revenue differentiates the mobile applications. One of the applications is selected to be assigned to the promotional slot based at least on the calculated expected revenue for the operator.



A computer peripheral is provided. The computer peripheral includes a display device and a keyboard assembly. The keyboard assembly is disposed over the display device. The keyboard assembly is configured to permit viewing of images produced by the display device through the keyboard assembly. Further, the keyboard assembly includes a base structure and a plurality of keys. Each of the plurality of keys is selectively physically depressible relative to the base structure to cause production of an input signal. Further, each of the plurality of keys is movably coupled with respect to the base structure via a hinge at one edge of the key. Further still, each of the plurality of keys includes a transparent portion to permit viewing of the images produced by the display device through the key



Systems and method for providing a game achievements system where players are rewarded with game achievements based on mastering certain in-game facets of the games they play. Each game achievement may be conveyed in a profile as a badge or trophy, title, description, date, etc. Players may also accumulate points based on game achievements. A display interface may be made available such that a player may see his achievements and total points, as well as those of others.


The images posted here are not included in the respective patents. I have posted related images based on my knowledge.

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