Microsoft releases new tools for creating responsible human-AI experiences

July 19, 2021
Microsoft Human-AI eXperience (HAX) Toolkit

Microsoft Human-AI eXperience (HAX) Toolkit

Microsoft today announced the release of the Human-AI eXperience (HAX) Toolkit, a new set of tools for creating responsible human-AI experiences. These tools are designed to help AI creators take human-centered approach in their day-to-day work. This toolkit consists of the following four components:

  • The Guidelines for Human-AI Interaction provide best practices for how AI applications should interact with people.
  • The HAX Workbook helps teams prioritize guidelines and plan the time and resources needed to address high-priority items.
  • The HAX Design Patterns offer flexible solutions for addressing common problems that come up when designing human-AI systems. The HAX Design Library is a searchable database of the design patterns and implementation examples.
  • Teams can utilize the HAX Playbook to identify and plan for unforeseen errors, such as a transcription error or false positive.

“Human-centeredness is really all about ensuring that what we build and how we build it begins and ends with people in mind,” said Saleema Amershi, senior principal research manager at Microsoft Research. “We started the HAX Toolkit to help AI creators take this approach when building AI technologies.”

You can learn more about this toolkit from the link below.

Source: Microsoft

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