Microsoft to take over Nokia’s Finnish headquarters




It seems with Nokia’s handset division Microsoft will also be purchasing the lease to Nokia’s Finnish headquarters.

MyNokiaBlog reports that Nokia House will pass on to Microsoft on completion of the deal, which of course means minimum disruption for the thousands of Nokia staff which will be moving to Microsoft.

The rest of Nokia will be moving the the old Nokia Siemens Network building.

A Nokia spokesman told the Economic Times:

“As the majority of employees currently working at our corporate headquarters  are focused on Devices & Services (D&S) activities and support  functions, Nokia House will become a Microsoft site once the deal closes,” a  Nokia global spokesperson told PTI. “People working in Nokia management and support functions will be located in  Karaportti Midpoint, the spokesperson said adding the headquarters for HERE  (Nokia’s location services) and NSN (telecom equipment business) continue as normal.”

Nokia does not in fact at present own Nokia House, having sold the building to property company Exilion to raise money for their Windows Phone transition, making the move somewhat ironic.

It will however hopefully reassure Finnish Nokia fans that the company will not in fact be abandoning the country as soon as the deal is discharged.

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