Microsoft To Reveal Windows On Devices Platform Tomorrow, Joining Internet Of Things Trend

Windows on devices

Microsoft has got lots of new things to announce at BUILD developer conference happening tomorrow at San Francisco. One of the cool things will be Microsoft’s new effort into the Internet of Things trend. Windows on Devices will enable developers to write apps for all kind of electronic items. Developers can build a smart coffee mug, talking bear, robots, etc, based on this platform. Intel’s Galileo platform will act as developmental hardware. There is also a detailed session on this one.

Windows and the Internet of Things – Connected, smart devices have become pervasive. These “Things” already outnumber more traditional computing devices and are set to surpass the 100 billion devices mark within a few short years. In this session you’ll learn about how technologies such as Windows Embedded, .NET Micro Framework, and Azure can be used to build cool devices and intelligent systems.

Engadget also reports some demos Microsoft has planned for this announcement,

It looks like Microsoft’s planning a charm offensive on the maker community, with the site linking out to a Big-styled — presumably Microsoft-powered — floor keyboard as well as Maker Faire. The first SDK will appear soon, (by the end of Spring 2014) with additional releases through out the year. Microsoft says it’ll have a life-sized piano to show-off its Windows on Devices conceit and naturally, it reckons its cloud services will serve as the perfect online accompaniment.

Source: Windows on Devices