Microsoft to reportedly launch 12-inch and ’13- to 14-inch’ Surface devices


26, 2015


Microsoft is expected to reveal the Surface Pro 4 in October. While there haven’t been a lot of reports on the specs of the Pro 4, a new report from Digtimes claims that Microsoft will launch a 12-inch, as well as a “13-to 14-inch” Surface device. Now, first things first, take this report with a truckload of salt as Digtimes’ reports are mostly wrong.

The report states:

Microsoft reportedly is planning to develop two next-generation Surface 2-in-1 devices, one coming with a 12-inch display and the other a 13- to 14-inch screen.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft launches two variants of the Surface Pro 4. Obviously, the report doesn’t state that it’ll be a Surface Pro device – however, the report claims that the devices will “feature high-end hardware,” suggesting that the devices are most likely from the Surface Pro line.

So why’d Microsoft launch two variants of the Pro 4? My guess is that the company wants to provide more options to consumers – for example, you may not be a big fan of 12″ laptops/tablets, but there could be a lot of people who likes a bigger device.

Again, this is a report from Digitimes, so take it with a truckload of salt.

If you’re planning to get the Surface Pro 4, will you be interested in getting a bigger version of the device? Discuss in the comment section below.

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