Microsoft to provide speech to text to Sprint Blackberry users

yap Microsoft has hooked up with Yap, a cloud-based speech recognition services provider, to provide a text-to-speech service for Sprint’s Blackberry users.

Through Sprint’s Talk to Text mobile application, which Microsoft developed specifically for the carrier’s line of BlackBerry devices, users will able to speak their text message and emails.

Fortunately for Windows Mobile and future Windows Phone users however, the service does not have to remain on RIM’s devices.

“We are a cloud service, completely in the network with no dependency on the device or operating system or being an on-premise device structure,” Typrin said. Microsoft now has the right to deploy Yap’s technology across any of its devices, including potentially its Windows Phone 7 Series handsets. Yap’s vice president of marketing and product management, said that Microsoft was able to integrate Yap’s technology into its Talk to Text app with just a few lines of code.

The move may however confuse long-time readers, who know Microsoft owns a similar service called Tellme, which was meant to have been integrated into the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform, but has so far only shown up in one Windows Mobile handset on Sprint. Hopefully the Yap partnership will see higher penetrance than Microsoft’s wholly-owned subsidiary has so far.

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