Microsoft to promote Windows Phone in UK by appealing to British patriotism


13, 2013

uk-flag-3Commercetuned reports that Microsoft will be focussing their Windows Phone and Windows 8 marketing around how Microsoft can help UK.

Philippa Snare, Microsoft UK Chief Marketing Officer said their marketing will concentrate on demonstrating how Microsoft’s products and services are helping the British economy and are essential to people conducting their daily activities, including Microsoft’s roll in the UK public sector.

Commercetuned notes that key events such as the Royal Jubilee and London hosting the 2012 Olympics strengthened Britain as a powerful brand, making it important for a company to position itself as typically British.

As part of this strategy Microsoft is sponsoring the British & Irish Lions rugby squad, who will be using Microsoft products like Windows Phone and Windows 8 on their tour of Australia which is taking place during June and early July.

Recent activism around tax being paid by foreign companies such as Amazon and Starbucks likely makes such positioning even more advantageous, but I suspect Microsoft will not be talking about that much.

UK has recently become a significant growth market for Windows Phone, with the OS growing to 7% market share recently, according to Kantar’s sale numbers.

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