Microsoft to launch Korean Marketplace in August in run up to Mango release

A Korean Microsoft official has told that Microsoft intends to open a Korean-language Marketplace in August 2011.

At present no Windows Phone 7 handsets are sold in Korea as the OS does not support most far-eastern scripts.  This is set to change with the release of Mango towards the end of this year, when the OS will support 16 additional languages.

Hopefully the opening of the store in August gives us some indication for the time frame of the release of the updated OS and new Windows Phone 7 handsets, which are widely expected to follow on the October anniversary of the first wave of WP7 handsets released last year.

It is somewhat ironic that no Windows Phone 7 handsets are sold in Korea, given that all Microsoft’s strongest OEM partners are from the far east, including of course HTC, LG and Samsung.

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