Microsoft to kick off Windows 10 Creators Update Bug Bash tomorrow

Along with the release of Windows 10 Build 15025, Microsoft today announced that it’ll be kicking off a new Bug Bash for the Windows 10 Creators Update. The latest Windows 10 Bug Bash is starting tomorrow, and it’ll finish on the 12th of February. Bug Bashes, for those unfamiliar, is a week where Microsoft engineers focus entirely on fixing issues on Windows 10 with feedback from Windows Insiders.

During the Bug Bash, Microsoft will release new Quests every day on the Feedback Hub app in Windows 10 which Windows Insiders will have to finish and submit bug reports if they encounter any bugs. With the latest Bug Bash, Microsoft is changing a couple of things. First, the Quests for the Bug Bash will now be available throughout the Bug Bash — this means, if you miss out on Quests from a particular day during the Bug Bash, you can go back and finish those at a later point. Additionally, Microsoft is also going to provide a neat little Bug Bash badge to Windows Insiders who install build 15025, finish at least one Quest and submit at least one feedback during the Bug Bash week:

It’s worth noting that Microsoft will also be hosting two live bug-bashing sessions: one on February 7 (from 2-4PM Redmond time) and one one the 11th of February (7-9PM Redmond time). Microsoft has also released a video talking about the bug bash, which you can watch below:

If you are a Windows Insider running build 15025, make sure to check out the Bug Bash in the Feedback Hub app tomorrow. Microsoft will release a build following the bug bash with all the bug fixes and improvements, which means the next Windows Insider build should be slightly more stable than the recent ones.