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Microsoft to hold AI event today to share more on ChatGPT integration

A day after Google announced its ChatGPT competitor Bard, Microsoft has prepared itself to hold an AI event, reportedly to share more on the ChatGPT integration across several Microsoft products. Microsoft’s surprise AI media event starts today at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. However, Microsoft gave away not too many details on what it will share with the world today.

Microsoft wrote in the press invite that it would”share some progress on a few exciting projects.” But rumors have it that Microsoft will finally share more details on how ChatGPT integration in Bing will work. Zac Bowden, a Microsoft journalist, has hinted that a new Microsoft Paint app with ChatGPT integration could debut at today’s event.

Along with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman will also be present at today’s event. On his official Twitter account, Altman shared a picture with Satya Nadella, saying he was excited about the event.

Microsoft has already announced ChatGPT integration for several products, including Teams, Viva Sales platform, and Microsoft Designer. The software giant is reportedly planning to bring this integration to its enterprise and consumer products at a grander scale. However, today’s event will not be streamed live anywhere, so everything Microsoft announces today will be announced via blog posts.

Google will hold an AI event tomorrow, February 8, and unlike Microsoft, it will stream it live on YouTube. It was widely known that Google was working on LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), the company’s AI-driven language model; but people are speculating that the search giant was not ready to talk about its ChatGPT equivalent this early until, of course, OpenAI became the talk of the town.

It is interesting to see that Google and Microsoft are fighting head-to-head to establish dominance in the field of AI. But it is too early to say who will beat whom. We are all eagerly waiting for what Microsoft and Google have to offer at their respective events.

via The Verge

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