Microsoft To Hike Azure Cloud Services Prices Outside US Due To Significant Change In Currency Exchange Rates


6, 2015

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Due to significant change in foreign exchange currency rates, Microsoft is increasing the price of Azure cloud services outside the US. Microsoft they confirmed that this change affects worldwide and they continue to evaluate the market conditions in the countries in which they operate. As a result, they will be adjusting the prices for the company’s enterprise cloud services in Australia (up 26 per cent) in Australia., starting 1 August, 2015. The Register reported that Microsoft sets its regional prices by considering local operational costs and the prevailing exchange rate. The price rises certainly look to be happening in Europe with an 11 per cent rise.

The Reg understands that Microsoft is telling customers that changes in exchange rates make the rises reasonable. The Euro’s not the world’s strongest currency at present. In Australia, when Microsoft started operating its two Australian Azure regions one Australian dollar bought 94 US cents. A year later, China’s decreased interest in commodities has seen prices for Australian iron ore and coal plunge. A resurgent US economy has helped to drive the Aussie Dollar’s buying power down to 74 US cents.

Source: The Register

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