Microsoft To Expand Cortana Availability For Europe ‘In The Coming Months’


23, 2014


Microsoft has made Cortana Beta available in the UK for sometime now, but what about the rest of European nations? According to a tweet by Lawrence Schlosser, Senior Director of Operator Channels at Microsoft France, Cortana should be available in France in the coming months. Even though he didn’t reveal any specific timing, we expect it to happen before end of this year. Few months back, Microsoft originally planned to deliver Cortana in European countries only in 2015, but due to positive response from existing Cortana users, Microsoft accelerated their plans. As part of their new plans, they delivered Cortana Beta for UK and China, and in Canada, India, and Australia as an “alpha”.

Hopefully, Microsoft can quickly expand it to more countries to serve millions of Windows Phone users.

via: WPC

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