Microsoft has pushed an update to its task management app, Microsoft To Do on Android. The update brings a number of important new features and minor improvements.

Taking the app to Version 2.7.142, the update will make it easier for you to import Wunderlist lists to the To Do app by highlighting the lists that you shared in Wunderlist. With the latest update installed, you’ll also be able to turn off notifications for shared lists directly from the Settings of the To Do app.


  • Importing your lists from Wunderlist? We’ll now?highlight?the lists that were shared in?Wunderlist and prompt you to reshare them in To Do.
  • You can now turn off notifications for shared lists directly in our To Do settings. If those shared holiday shopping lists are getting a little too noisy, just head to settings and toggle shared list activity off.
  • We’ve added a bit of polish to our animations and cleared out a few bugs.