Microsoft To Bring Notification Center In The Upcoming Windows 9 Release

Last month, Neowin reported that Microsoft is planning to release Windows 9 Technical Preview for Enterprise late this month. This report was in line with last week’s report from The Verge that Microsoft is planning to preview Windows 9 in a press event on September 30th. This Windows 9 tech preview will receive subsequent monthly updates and it will be installed on the users automatically. Windows 9 is expected to include no.of major changes for keyboard/mouse users and it is also likely to include new consumer facing features such as Cortana integration apart from revamped Modern UI experience.

Today, Neowin revealed that Windows 9 also includes the much awaited notification center. Currently, Windows 8.1 users have no central location where they can see the list of notifications. In the internal builds, notification centers seems to be accessible from the system tray and it does not take the full screen as we have seen in the Windows Phone 8.1 release.

In the later builds of Threshold, a new notification center is now present that works exactly like you would expect; a central area of the OS that highlights notifications.

The current functionality has the notification center launching from the system tray and much like Windows Phone, notifications are sorted by the app that triggers the event. There is also a button that allows you to quickly clear all of your notifications or you can remove them one by one.

The notification center, unlike Windows Phone, does not take over the entire screen but lives in a small window in the bottom right corner of the desktop. The size of the window right now is fixed and if you have a long list of notifications, you can scroll up and down; the current background of the window is white and has a very clean look to it.

Are you missing notification center in the Windows 8.1?

Source: Neowin