Microsoft to address Skydrive streaming/API requests

Just yesterday, Windows Live team detailed the SkyDrive integration coming in Windows Phone Mango. Mike Torres, Group Program Manager, SkyDrive Devices and Roaming commented on his post in reply to some comments. He responded as follows,

On issues in SkyDrive web UI, Music streaming,SkyDrive API,etc,.

Thanks for the feedback. We know these are top asks (and that we can improve the usability of the site) and we are hard at work on SkyDrive as we speak.  Please do stay tuned to this blog for updates!

If there is an mp3-File on skydrive is it possible to stream it to the phone? If I “attach” a photo from Skydrive to a text message (SMS) – will this photo be sent as an MMS?  What happens if?

With MP3s, the Office hub won’t stream your MP3s, no.  And if you attach a
SkyDrive photo to an MMS, it gets sent as a normal MMS that any MMS-capable
phone will be able to process.

Will the 50Mb per file limit still exist on skydrive?

Nothing to announce right now, but we know that this is also a top ask.  Thanks!

So while this puts an end to Music streaming from SkyDrive/ Google Music competitior stories it is clear that Microsoft is aware what the community wants, and with their recent utterances about Skydrive vs iCloud fully aware of the need to be competitive.  Hopefully we will see some tweaks to the service to address these demands also.

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