Teams’ beauty filters feature delayed to November

by Rahul
October 15, 2021
Microsoft Teams Personal

Microsoft was supposed to release the video filters feature for Teams in the month of August, but as we all know the feature is yet to go live. Now according to Microsoft 365 roadmap page, the Microsoft Teams video filter feature will now be available for the public next month, though the exact release date is still unknown.

For those unaware, the new video filter feature will adjust the lighting levels, smooth out facial features, thereby letting you customize your appearance.

The upcoming Video Filters feature appears to be an effort to add more consumer-friendly features to Teams. While many users might label it as not useful, it kind of complements other consumer-focused features such as the ability to set virtual background.

Microsoft won’t be the first company to add a feature like this. Rival platform Zoom has had this feature for quite some time now, and if that’s what refrained you from using Microsoft’s collaboration tool, you might want to rethink your decision.

If you’re a Teams user., hit the comments section and let us know whether you find the Video Filters feature useful.

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