Microsoft thinks photography apps draw users to Windows Phone

Nokia Camera App

Nokia  and now Microsoft loves their photography apps, with Nokia publishing several in the past, including Nokia Creative Studio, Nokia Refocus, Nokia Cinemagraph,  Nokia Smartcam, Nokia Story Teller and more.

It turns out there is method to the madness, as Microsoft believes photography apps are a major draw to the Windows Phone platform.

Speaking to TrustedReviews, Matt Collins, Global Director of Applications and Partner Marketing at Microsoft, revealed customers love the photography apps available on Windows Phone.

“When we ask consumers what segments [of the Windows Phone store] they associate [with Windows Phone], without any kind of a lead from Microsoft or a nudging, they come back to imaging applications,” explained Collins.

He explained that while having big named apps were important, it was the photography apps on the platform that made buyers  stay.

“The message around the hardware for the camera has broken through and so when we ask them what apps do they think of Windows Phone they go to imaging. And I think that’s a carry over effect of all of the work that we did last year, with the 1020 as the flagship to tell people about the camera hardware.”

“It’s interesting that that hardware story has bled into shaping a software perception.”

The idea that buyers pick a Nokia windows phone for its camera does make a lot of sense to me, but while I have found the apps nice to play with I have never thought of them as a selling point.

Is Microsoft right about imaging apps being a big draw for the platform? Let us know below.