Microsoft tests 20/200 chat limit on Bing Chat

March 27, 2023

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Microsoft increased Bing Chat’s session limit again. From 15, users with access to the new Bing can now reach up to 20 turns. Vice President of Microsoft Bing’s Growth and Distribution team, Michael Schechter, confirmed it and said the company did a test over the weekend to bring the daily chat limit of Bing to 200.

However, some users report noticing changes to the chatbot alongside the raising of the chat limits. According to some, the more Microsoft increases the chat limit number, the less Bing Chat loses its chatty nature. It can be recalled this first happened after the software company addressed reports about misbehaving Bing, pushing the company to tweak the bot, which later resulted in a “lobotomized” Sydney. Nonetheless, it is clearly a part of Microsoft’s continuous work to better refine its AI chat tool, which is now being challenged by Google Bard and other AI chat creations. 

Meanwhile, other users request the company to address the 2,000-character limit on Bing, which defines the length of commands a user can send per turn. However, the team’s focus now is on delivering Bing Chat’s “number one feature request,” the Chat History. According to Mikhail Parakhin, CEO of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft, “everyone is trying to accelerate shipping of the Chat History.”

All these came after the Redmond company recently introduced the image-generating capability to the new Bing, which is still being rolled out to everyone via the Creative Mode. Aside from this, the software giant also released two other recent additions to Bing: Knowledge Cards 2.0 and AI-generated stories.

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