Microsoft Testing New Bing Maps Experience On The Web

Bing logo 1

Microsoft’s Bing Maps was once considered to be the only real competitor to Google Maps. It started off well but Microsoft lost focus on it. 3-4 years back, Google Maps and Bing Maps was comparable at many levels. Since Microsoft started its partnership with Nokia, the focus shifted towards HERE Maps. HERE Maps became the main location apps for Microsoft’s mobile devices. Nokia now even has HERE Maps on the web with an interesting user experience. With Windows 10, Microsoft is working on a universal Maps app that runs across devices of various sizes ranging from phones to PCs.

According to this URL, Microsoft is working on a new version of Bing Maps on the web. The preview version of it is already under testing.

Bing Maps Preview isn’t available here yet.
For now, the new Bing Maps Preview works on Internet Explorer 10 and 11, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome using a PC or tablet, and Safari using a Mac, and is only available in the United States (English).
To get the current Bing Maps (which works on more devices and browsers in wide variety of regions), tap here.
Hopefully, Microsoft’s Bing Maps refresh will be great.
via: Neowin