Microsoft tells mobile game developers they are “barely scratching the tip of the iceberg”



wmgamesAt the Casual Connect conference today Microsoft told mobile game developers that Apple has not run off with the crown yet.

Steve Hegenderfer, Windows Mobile group product manager, said "If anyone thinks Apple is going to run this thing they’re sorely mistaken," he said, adding that "we are so early, we are barely scratching the tip of the iceberg, and it’s exciting."

Hegenderfer said Apple has "early mover" advantage but the industry is still in its infancy, with all sorts of new opportunities.

Unfortunately the Windows Mobile marketplace, which will start taking submissions from developers on July 27th, is still in its early staged, with Microsoft still figuring out basics such as whether to set price tiers.

Hegenderfer said the winning mobile marketplaces will be the ones that enable developers to make a living. "That’s what its gong to come down to … who is going to allow you to make more money than anyone else."

At the conference developers however complained of the wide variety of Windows Mobile hardware. “If I build for you I’ve got to build for nine form factors."

Microsoft has not expressed any clear games strategy for Windows Mobile, but games will feature prominently in the Windows Mobile Marketplace.

Via the Seattle Times.

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