Microsoft teases Windows 10 features that will “change everything”

Windows 10 Devices

Microsoft’s Build is round the corner, and new features for Windows and Windows Mobile are expected to be shown off at the event.

Now Microsoft’s Program managers have taken to twitter to tease their followers and Windows fans about these new features.

First, Microsoft’s Rich Turner, a senior PM on Windows tweeted about Windows 10 features that would make users “FREAK OUT”

Shortly after, Scott Hanselman corrporated his tweet by adding that these features will “CHANGE EVERYTHING”, before presumably turning into a fangirl and screaming losing his ability to even.

There’s no hint about what this feature might be, aside from the fact that it has nothing to do with Cortana, mobile features (yet) and that it is definitely not “smoke and mirrors”.

Windows 10 Redstone First Wave is coming soon to Windows devices and will most likely be the focus of Microsoft’s Build event. So far, the update has mostly been minor cosmetic fixes, SMS sync, and the further unification of OneCore, so it is very likely Microsoft is saving the huge user facing features for its events at the end of March.

Are you excited for what this set of features that may change everything will be? Let us know in the comments below.

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