Microsoft teases a new name for Windows vNext


Microsoft is set to announce more about Windows Threshold, the next version of Windows, at an enterprise-focussed event in San Francisco next week.

It seems one item which will also be announced will be the official name of the new OS, which is expected to unify Windows Phone and Windows RT, and bring back favourite desktop elements like the start menu and windowed apps.

Adding fuel to the fire, in response to a joke about the OS being called Windows X,  Windows chief Terry Myerson has posted the above picture on the internet, with the note. “We’re still deciding, but thanks for your vote” a attached.

The picture confirms at least that the OS will be called Windows and the area he covers appears too small to include a full word like One.

Most bets would be on Windows 9, but some have speculated Windows 1 or even Windows X, which is its internal name.

The name will almost certainly apply to Windows Phone also.  Which moniker would our readers prefer for their handsets? Let us know below.

Update:  Microsoft has revealed the name Windows TH for the new OS on their technical preview site, but I suspect TH simply stands for Threshold, and we are still looking at a placeholder.


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