It is not uncommon to have attendees calling in to a Microsoft Teams meeting via the regular telephone network, but those users are disadvantaged in many ways, not least because they are not able to share video.

Microsoft is however looking to address at least one issue – the inability to raise your hand and indicate you wish to raise a point.

Microsoft has announced that PSTN participants who wish to request to speak by raising their hand in a meeting can now do this via a new dial-pad command (press *5).

Microsoft is also enabling Presenters and Organizers to prevent public switched telephone network (PSTN) participants from unmuting.

This means users that make use of the features to manage attendee audio can now use these same audio management controls on users that dial in.

Support will begin rolling out to Standard and GCC users in mid-July and complete in late July. GCC-H and DoD users will get support starting in late July.