Microsoft Teams is down for some users right now (updated)

April 27, 2021

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Microsoft Teams is now down for some users around the world. Microsoft has acknowledged the outage. Microsoft has now informed users that it is investigating the issue where some users are unable to access Microsoft Teams. Microsoft will provide an update with further information soon. Microsoft posted the following on its official Microsoft 365 Status account on Twitter.

We’ve confirmed that this issue affects users globally. We’re reviewing monitoring telemetry and recent changes to isolate the source of the issue.

Update: Microsoft has fixed the issue and the service is now up and running for all users globally.

We’ve identified the root cause and performed mitigation actions. We’re seeing signs of recovery and will continue to monitor the service. Users still experiencing impact should restart their clients to expedite recovery. Further details can be found under TM252802.

We’ve monitored the environment and confirmed that the service is performing as expected. If a user is still experiencing impact, they need to restart their clients to recover. Further details can be found under TM252802 in the admin center.

Source: Microsoft

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