Microsoft Teams Rooms will have a new calendar view on Android

September 1, 2023

Android users of Microsoft Teams Rooms will soon see a new visual. All users with Teams Rooms licenses will be able to see new views on their apps.

As we’ve spotted from the Microsoft 365 Roadmap site under Feature ID 157123, the new visual will include a day view and a list view of the calendar, as well as a green or purple visual indicator to show whether a room is booked or available. The new views are designed to make it easier for users to find and book meeting rooms.

The good news is, that this new visual is scheduled to be rolled out in October 2023 for Teams and Surface devices worldwide.

Microsoft Teams Rooms does offer a free, basic license that allows you to join meetings, share content, and control the room’s devices. However, if you need advanced features like live transcription, AI-powered meeting insights, and support for third-party devices, you will need to subscribe to the Pro license for $40.00 room/month

In case you missed it, we’ve also previously reported that Teams’ big-time competitor, Google Duet AI, has arrived for general users for the same price as Windows Copilot. If you want to take the AI tool out for a try, it’s also free of charge.

Microsoft Teams for desktop is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux

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