Microsoft Teams meeting hosts will soon be able to lower all raised hands

Meetings are often about resolving differences, but there comes a time when you have to move on to the next issues, and with a coming update to Microsoft Teams it will soon be easier to do just that.

Microsoft Teams will soon allow meeting organizers and presenters to lower raised hands during a Teams meeting.

The feature can be accessed via the participant roster ellipses menu and of course, requires that at least one person has their hands raised.

Despite objections by the other parish council members, only organizers and presenters can access this feature.

For regular users, the improvement will start rolling out in early June and complete by mid-June to the Windows 10 Desktop app.

For Government Community Cloud (GCC) users, it will start rolling out in mid-June and complete in mid-July.

GCC-High and DOD will start rolling out in mid-July and complete by mid-August.

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