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Microsoft Teams will soon let you invite up to 250 people into a chat

In an effort to make Teams a bit easier to adopt, Microsoft is now working on a new feature that will increase the group chat limit from 100 to 250. The feature is expected to roll out gradually to all tenants by mid-May.

Microsoft Teams recently saw a surge in the number of active users duo the COVID-19 pandemic. The collaboration tool now has more than 75 million daily active users, up from 44 million in the month of March. In the course of the last few months, Microsoft added a bunch of useful new features to make WFH(Work From Home) a seamless experience.

The increase in group chat limit 100 to 250 in Microsoft Teams will also be very useful to a lot of large businesses, or anyone who needs large group chats, but with this increased capacity, chatrooms might witness a barrage of notifications which can very well act as a distraction. And in order to avoid that, Microsoft will turn-off features such as Outlook automatic replies and Teams status messages, typing indicator, video and audio calling, sharing, and read receipts once a chat crosses 20 people.

However, currently, admins can’t limit the number of users that join a chat in Microsoft Teams. It’s also worth noting that the update has made no changes to the max capacity for calls, which is currently 20. Limits for attachments are not impacted either.

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