Microsoft Teams for iOS and Android to get a slew of improvements this month


5, 2021

The Office 365 roadmap has revealed a number of improvements coming to the Microsoft Teams app on iOS and Android.

The list included:

Improved Mobile Search

The Teams for Mobile search feature will soon offer predictive suggestions as the user types.  The app will also let you “scroll to past and future dates in the calendar using a date picker”, likely to make it easier to locate past conversations.

Pinned chats

Microsoft will soon introduce the ability to pin chats to the menu bar, making it easier to go back to specific conversations.

Filtered chat

Users will soon also be able to filter their chat list by different parameters.

New Emojis and Gifs

Microsoft is updating the Emoji and Gif library which should make it easier to find and insert multimedia content.

The features are expected to hit the mobile clients before the end of March 2021.

via techradar.

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