Microsoft Targets Enterprise Customers with New Privacy Policy

privacy header

Microsoft has made revisions to the company’s privacy policy.  The changes include a new section devoted to enterprise users.  The section covers products and services “that are offered or designed primarily for use by organizations and developers.”

Products that would fall under such a category include Office 365, Azure, Intune and several more.

The section lists when and how Microsoft will collect data from users on an enterprise system:

  • When a customer engages with a Microsoft sales representative, we collect the customer’s name and contact data, along with information about the organization, to support that engagement.
  • When a customer interacts with a Microsoft support professional, we collect support data or error reports to diagnose and resolve problems.
  • When a customer pays for products, we collect contact and payment data to process the payment.
  • When a customer receives communications for Microsoft, we use data to personalize the content of the communication.

The new section also defines data collection through its online services as well as “Administrator Data.”  The latter will allow Microsoft to contact users about new features and technical issues. The company also says it may contact users regarding the use of online services.  Whether you want it or not, Microsoft will not allow users to opt-out of these potential contacts.

Still, the section does provide a clarification on how Microsoft plans to use all the data its collecting.

“Microsoft will not use Customer Data or derive information from it for any advertising or similar commercial purposes.”

Checking the Fine Print

This is the second time Microsoft has changed its Privacy Policy this year.  Few consumers ever read these legal agreements.  If you would like to read the entire policy, click here.

Or for a list of the changes made this week, click here.