Microsoft talks about upcoming tools update to support F# 4.1

Microsoft F Sharp 4.21

Microsoft is planning to ship a new version of Microsoft’s tools for F# later this year that will include support for F# 4.1, featuring incremental improvements to the language that have been developed in conjunction with F# users and contributors. These tools will include a cross-platform, open-source F# 4.1 compiler toolchain for .NET Framework and .NET Core, suitable for use on Linux, macOS/OS X, and Windows. Microsoft will also update the Visual F# IDE Tools for use with the next version of Visual Studio.

The Visual F# Tools for F# 4.1 will be updated to include support for editing and compiling .NET Core and .NET Framework projects. The Visual F# Tools will also include incremental fixes and integration with the new Visual Studio installation process. Additionally, we are currently working towards support for Roslyn Workspaces in the Visual F# Tools. By using Roslyn Workspaces, the Visual F# Tools will “plug in” to tooling innovations made in Visual Studio and be able to offer a more modern editing experience.

Microsoft is also working with others to ensure that F# 4.1 support is rolled out across the wide range of tooling available for F# 4.1. This includes support in Visual Studio Code, Xamarin Studio, and the popular Visual F# Power Tools for Visual Studio.

  • The Xamarin team at Microsoft are actively incorporating F# 4.1 support into the F# support in Xamarin Studio.
  • The Mono packaging team is updating the packages available to include F# 4.1.
  • The F# community is integrating F# 4.1 support in the F# Compiler Service component, used by many editing and compilation tools.
  • We are working with the F# community to help update the F# support in the Visual F# Power Tools and ensure it works smoothly with the next release of Visual Studio.
  • The F# community are already actively integrating support for F# 4.1 into support for Visual Studio Code and Atom through the Ionide project.
  • The F# community are integrating support for F# 4.1 into many other tools, include Fable, an F# to ECMAScript transpiler, and into the F# support for Emacs and Vim.

Read about this upcoming update in detail here.

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