Microsoft talks about Windows Phone 7 gaming

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Via, we have a video of a Backstage event run by Aaron Woodman, Director of Windows Phone Product Management on Windows Phone 7 gaming.

Unfortunately the talk appears to be dominated by things Windows Phone 7 will not do in terms of gaming, rather than what it does. 

Examples include peer to peer gaming, in app level purchases, continuing games on your Xbox finished on your phone and receiving invites for Xbox games on your Windows Phone.

Through-out the talk Aaron spoke of a multi-year plan and 10 year roadmaps which unfortunately did not encourage me to feel he felt the urgency of the situation.

While he spoke of a massive promotional effort for Windows Phone 7, I cant help but feel they need to throw away their market research and bring what Xbox fans expect on their Windows Phone – the full experience, not a watered down light version designed seemingly for grannies who like checkers.