Microsoft Talks About What’s Coming In Windows Server 2016

Windows Server

Microsoft last week announced the time frame in which we can expect the release of Windows Server and System Center this year. Microsoft revealed that they will release further previews of Windows Server through the remainder of 2015, with the final release in 2016. Microsoft has delayed the release to 2016 instead of the originally planned late 2015 release. Also, Microsoft confirmed that the next preview is planned for the spring of 2015.

Microsoft said that Windows Server will continue to share the same core technology as Windows and they will continue working together on solutions for our customers. At Microsoft’s TechDays Online event, Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey revealed more about the upcoming Windows Server release.

  • System Center team and the Windows Server team are now “a single organization,” with common planning and scheduling.
  • Since Windows 10 will have same kernel from mobile devices to Windows Server, solving energy consumption issues in Windows Phone also turns out to be important for Windows Server as well.
  • Microsoft is building two container capabilities in the next Windows Server. One of the containers will be focused on application compatibility. The other container will be optimized for the cloud.

More details at Build conference. Read more about it here.

Source: ZDNet