Microsoft takes #MannequinChallenge with the help of HoloLens


21, 2016

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For the past two weeks or so, a new viral challenge named #Mannequinchallenge has been sweeping across the world. Actiongram team at Microsoft accepted the #MannequinChallenge. And they did it with the help of HoloLens and holograms. Check out the video above.

Actiongram enables new forms of storytelling. Move, resize, rotate, and record holograms in your home, creating videos you can share with friends. With Actiongram, you can place holograms in your real world to film scenes that would otherwise be impossible or impractical. It allows you to mix holographic characters and visual effects into your world, giving you Hollywood effects without the need for specialized expertise. For general consumers, Microsoft has included many holograms to choose from, with more on the way. Each can be used in a variety of ways, many with animations and audio effects.

Learn more about Actiongram here.

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