Microsoft Tablet Redux

A concept MS Slate

A few months ago, I wrote about why Microsoft should use WP7. A few months later and have they released Win CE7 (the base for WP7?) but they stil refuse to commit to producing a standard UI and App management software to create a great tablet. The Courier which was an awesome concept got cancelled so all we are left with from MS are OEM solutions which usually tend be subpar. Potential developers are left with a mess of UIs and hardware specs and no central marketplace and app management for their software which does not bode well MS in the tablet space. I created the concept above by combining elements from WP7, Courier and Microsoft kin. The three hardware buttons are now Back, Home/Quick menu, and Search. More details about the tablet include…

  • Handwriting recognition with stylus that beeps when too far away from the tablet a recharges in its slot.
  • The "Spot" works similar to the one on theKin and Courier "tuck" concept.
  • The interface follows the Metro UI guidlines panaroma view scrolling left and right up and down.
  • The user can choose the default screen either the hubs or messages when in locked portrait mode.
  • Killer apps that could be included are "CourierJournal" in software form rather than hardware, Project Gustav painting program and Manual deskterity.

The details picture belows shows how I envision the operation of various part of the interface. Please substitute "click" with "touch"

msslatedetails Click for larger version

More pictures of the tablet in portrait mode.

msslateportrait1andmenu msslateportrait2andmenu

Click for larger versions

The above concept is by me, an amateur computer enthusiast so please be kind with your comments. I would like to hear more ideas on how it could be refined and hopefully someone at Microsoft will take notice. I will write a follow up on how the interface may work in detail.

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