Microsoft Surface sales are “starting modest” says Steve Ballmer



imageSo far Microsoft has not released any sales figures for the Microsoft Surface RT, but in Microsoft’s first comment on the performance of the device, Steve Ballmer has told Le Parisien that sales of the Microsoft Surface "are starting modestly."

Microsoft blamed this more on a lack of distribution rather than demand, noting that the device is only being sold through Microsoft Stores, where the tablet is in fact often on short supply.

Talking about the shortages, he said "It’s a good sign," adding that Microsoft "will fix this problem quickly" and that the increase in capacity is part of the company’s strategy.

Steve also talked about the coming Surface Pro, noting that it will have a higher-definition screen and Intel processor. He also repeated an earlier announcement that the company sold 4 million Windows 8 upgrades to consumers in only 3 days.


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