Microsoft Surface Pro 3 User Guide Now Available For Download


20, 2014

surface Pro 3 user guide

Just in time for the Surface Pro 3 launch today, Microsoft has released the user guide for the device. The user guide includes all the basic information a Surface Pro 3 user might need. It includes the following topics,

  • Meet Surface Pro 3
  • Setup Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pen
  • The Basics
  • Get Started
  • Get to know Surface Pro 3
  • Use Apps and Programs
  • Search, Share and Settings
  • Accounts and Sign in
  • Install Apps and Programs
  • Personalize your Surface
  • Connect Devices
  • Storage Files and Backup
  • Networking
  • Built-in Apps
  • Additional Info you should know
  • Accessories
  • Care and Cleaning

Surface Pro 3 hardware

Download it here from Microsoft. If you don’t own a Surface Pro 3 yet, order it from Microsoft Store today.

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