Microsoft Surface 2 AT&T LTE Version Passes Through The FCC, Release Expected In Next Few Months

Surface LTE FCC Passed

During a Reddit AmA on new Surface devices back in September 2013, Surface team confirmed that they are working on LTE version of Surface devices.

Why was LTE not included on neither Surface nor Surface Pro?

We didn’t talk about it today, but Surface 2 will be launching an awesome LTE SKU early next year!

Looks like the time has come. A Surface device with AT&T LTE has now passed through the FCC which again confirms that we are closer to launch. We can expect the device either in March or April. FCC published the Surface with LTE documents just today and since it comes with confidentiality request, we have very less details on the device.

Neowin noted in the testing report that the device is running Windows RT OS.

“EUT driver software installed during testing was Windows RT8.1 Preview Build 943”.

I guess the device should be identical to current Surface 2 with an added option for cellular. What do you think?

Source: FCC via: Neowin