Microsoft Studios & Platinum Games’ Scalebound has been cancelled

E3 2014 had some pretty big announcements for Microsoft. It was a chance for Microsoft to prove that the Xbox One – which was still cast in a negative light at the time – had some really great games in store. Some of them, like Ori and the Blind Forest, came out and turned out to be fantastic games. Scalebound, however, went into what seemed like hibernation. There was very little news about the game since its announcement, although it managed to make an appearance at E3 last year, and detailed some of its gameplay the following August.

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Its demo at E3 2016 (shown above) was impressive, and gave plenty of people hope for the game after a lack of details. Aside from the gameplay, it was also announced that Scalebound would come to Windows 10 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title. The game’s future was looking bright, and then everything went silent again.

The last tweet from the game’s Twitter account came in September 2016- until today, when the game’s cancellation was announced. While Microsoft’s official statement on the matter is simply that they ended the production of the game for business reasons, there does seem to be more to it. According to sources at Eurogamer, the relationship between Microsoft and Platinum soured after Gamescom last year.

Multiple senior members of the team at Platinum had to leave the project for a month thanks to the heavy amount of pressure and work involved with the game. After they returned to the team, it became obvious that things were falling apart. Development wasn’t meeting deadlines, the game’s engine continued to have issues, and it became obvious that work on the title couldn’t continue. Scalebound was in development for over four years, and work on the game ended before the end of 2016.

We currently don’t know if Platinum Games are able to continue work on Scalebound without Microsoft’s involvement, but that does not look likely. The company is also currently busy with Nier Automata, which could get an Xbox One port if it sells well. So if it’s any consolation, this might not be the last time we see a Platinum title on the Xbox One.

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