Microsoft Store offering a swag bag with the Lumia 635 and 735 to Irish users


11, 2015


TechbuzzIreland reports that Microsoft is running a promotion where they are offering a free gift to those who purchase a Nokia Lumia 630/635 and 735.

If you purchase the Lumia 630 or 635 you get a free MD-12 speaker, while if you purchase the Lumia 735 you get a free USB charger, the DC-19.

Of note however is that the prices for the handsets are somewhat high, at €149 for the Lumia 630 and €179 for the 635, while the Lumia 735 will cost you €279, making the free-ness of your “free” gift somewhat dubious.

If you are interested in the bundle however you can grab that and other deals at the Microsoft Store here.

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