‘Microsoft Store App Awards 2022: Community Choice Voting’ opens

Have you already cast your vote for Microsoft’s best Windows apps? Well, if you still haven’t, it is time to do so. The casting of votes for the Microsoft Store App Awards 2022 started last May 12 and will only last until May 17 at 8:00 pm Pacific time.

The list of candidates for the Microsoft Store App Awards 2022 came from the nomination of the community earlier this year, and it was divided into three community voting categories: File Management, Utility, and Open Platform.

“We’d like to recognize apps which are amazing, beautiful, and useful — the apps which make your day better, more productive, or more enjoyable,” says Microsoft on its page. “This vote is about you and the apps you love to use.”

According to the company, voting is available for all Microsoft Store Windows customers on Windows 10 and 11 globally. “You may vote in one, two, or all three categories based on your own personal experience with the apps,” Microsoft says, noting that the result will be announced later this month.

Here are the three categories and the links to their descriptions for further examination of voters:





WiFi Analyzer


2fast – Two Factor Authenticator

Visum Photo Viewer

Speedtest by Ookla

Fluent Screen Recorder

File Management



Metro Commander


Shrestha Files



One Commander


8 Zip


Open Platform

Dynamic Theme

Auto Dark Mode

Ink Workspace





Fluent Search


Lively Wallpaper

Sharron Bennet

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