Microsoft, stop asking me to rate your Windows 10 apps


Are you enjoying this? Are you enjoying this? Are you enjoying this?

Windows 10 is improving really quickly thanks to the Windows Insider program and the feedback from Insiders. In the past months, Microsoft quietly started asking users to rate their stock Windows 10 apps while the user is using an app. Like an oblivious parrot, the nags have gotten steadily more annoying over time.

Microsoft asks users to rate apps like Calculator, Camera and the other stock apps like Photos. No, the OS doesn’t ask the user to rate an app when they are closing it, but instead, it decides to ask for a rating while the user is actually using the app. For example, if you are calculating something in the Calculator app, the app will ask you to rate it in the middle of the calculation.


For those wondering – no, this isn’t only for Insiders. Microsoft asks the public to review these apps as well. To say the least, these dialogs are really annoying, especially in the stock apps of an operating system.

Of course, Microsoft needs feedback from users and that’s why we have the Windows Insider program and the Feedback Hub. If users really want to submit feedback about a calculator app, they can use the Feedback app — I simply do not see why Microsoft needs to ask the user for feedback on a calculator or a camera app – in the most irritating way possible

Microsoft, there is a simple way of getting feedback about your apps — and that is to put a simple “Submit Feedback” button in the navigation of the app. Many of these apps already have a “submit feedback” button, so nagging the users about the individual app is behaviour that should be reserved for lesser developers. I am sure someone from Microsoft is reading this — so, Microsoft, please, remove these dialogs from your official apps.

Second screenshot via Nicholas

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