Microsoft Stock Down 2.4% After “News” About Alan Mulally

In September we covered a report by Kara Swisher in which she got a statement out of Alan Mulally about becoming Microsoft’s next CEO:

“I continue to be focused on serving Ford … and I have my red Ford vest on right now!!”

Here is a report from this blog on October 3, 2013: Ford CEO Alan Mulally Sidesteps Questions About Becoming Microsoft’s Next CEO, in there Alan Mulally talks to USA Today and explicitly states:

“I love serving Ford and have nothing new to add to (my) plans to continue serving Ford,” Alan Mulally

Here is a statement from Ford yesterday, as they were surrounded by press because the company was unveiling the 2014 Mustang:

This is completely consistent with what we’ve been publicly saying for the past 13 months,” said Jay Cooney, a Ford spokesman. “Alan Mulally’s plan is to stay on through the end of 2014.”

Now Bloomberg’s Dina Bass tried to make a story out of this and it sent Microsoft’s stock tumbling (it appears she deleted her original tweet about this).  And for who knows what reason, The Verge decided to publish a story about this.  The company has literally been saying the same exact thing for the past 4 months!  Frank Shaw subtweeted on twitter about Dina Bass.

Frank Shaw Dina Bass Diss #2

Remember this gem after Dina tried to convince us Elop would sell Xbox & Bing, “We appreciate Bloomberg’s foray into fiction & look forward to future episodes,” said Frank Shaw of Microsoft.”

Now maybe Dina Bass is just trying to save face here because she knows her reports have been mostly false and fed to her.  Nevertheless, since Bloomberg is a popular New York publication among Wall Street it sent Microsoft’s stock tumbling over 2.4%.  It has gained about 1% of that back today, but it is still below the 13 year high of two days ago.

MSFT Stock Drop

I hope to god Dina Bass is at least making some money from a pump and dump scheme, or shorting the stock before her ‘report’ came out.  I think I’ll ignore her for now.

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