Microsoft starts selling Lumia 950 XL Continuum Pack in France for €699


Microsoft quietly launched a new Lumia 950 XL Continuum Pack on Amazon France today. The company is finally selling a package where users can buy the Lumia 950 XL, a monitor, a keyboard, mouse, and a display dock — all at once. The company is selling the pack for €699 and it comes with a 19-inch monitor (1366×768), a QWERTY keyboard (or AZERTY) , and a Wireless mouse.

Smartphone Lumia 950 XL Black 32GB; Screen 5.7 “Quad HD, Windows 10 + CONTINUUM PACK AVAILABLE (LCD 19” screen + keyboard + wireless mouse + HDMI converter + Dock HD500)

It isn’t clear if the Continuum pack will be coming to other regions, however, it’s possible for Microsoft ot bring it to other countries sometime soon. Nonetheless, if you happen to live in France, you can get the Continuum Pack here.