Microsoft SQL Server Database Is Helping Seattle Sounders Team To Realize Their Full Potential


22, 2014

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Seattle Sounders team uses Catapult GPS units and Omegawave systems as well as other technologies to monitor these elite athletes’ health. These devices gather information on each player’s energy output, endurance, sleep patterns, nutrition and fatigue levels. All that tracking generates more than 350 columns of data, which prompted the team to create its own Microsoft SQL Server database to house all those datasets.

“SQL Server is the place where all the data from different devices meshes together. It provides us a holistic view of the data and enables us to draw powerful insights from it,” says Ravi Ramineni, a performance analyst with the Sounders who built the SQL Server database. He’s responsible for data collection, data integration, modeling and analysis of the team’s performance data from practices and matches.

By the time the Seattle Sounders head onto the field, they’ve already kicked, ran and sweated thousands of hours of training. A big part of that fitness is planned, tracked and tweaked by staff whose job is to help the technology translate to better performance.

Source: Microsoft

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