Microsoft SQL Server was another surprise hit for Microsoft in 2016

Microsoft released SQL Server 2016 last year on Windows 10 as well as Linux. The company’s SQL Server was actually one of its surprise hits last year. That’s because a new report from DB-Engines states that Microsoft’s SQL Server had the highest growth in 2016. According to the data, Microsoft’s SQL Server’s popularity increased by 76.89%. The second popular solution was MySQL which had a popularity growth of 67.03% — interestingly enough, Oracle saw a huge drop of 79.36%.

It is worth noting that the data from DB-Engines doesn’t really reveal how many companies are actually using SQL Server. The report was put together by gathering data from a couple of different sources, including Google Trends, job listing sites, and data from sites such as Stack Overflow. As a result, it doesn’t reveal the actual number of companies using Microsoft’s SQL Server or any other solutions.

What actually caused huge growth is yet to be known, though. However, it is likely the growth was caused by SQL Server’s arrival on Linux. Back in 2016, more than 8 thousand companies registered to try out SQL Server’s preview on Linux and it’s likely that more companies are now using SQL Server on Linux which is definitely a good thing for Microsoft. This obviously isn’t the first time Linux and open-source has been working out for Microsoft — for instance, the company had the most open source contributions in 2016 on GitHub thanks to projects like Visual Studio Code, PowerShell, and more.

You can find the full report from DB-Engines here. 

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