Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will now begin to disclose the odds for items held within in-game lootboxes.

Due to the “surprise mechanics” being the center of many controversies, and being intrinsically tied to the act of gambling, the big three console manufacturers will disclose the odds of every item held within loot boxes.

This form of odds disclosure isn’t new to video games: in China loot boxes need to disclose the odds of every item in order for the mechanic to be allowed in the country. This method has already been used in certain titles, such as Blizzard’s Overwatch, as a way to bypass the mechanic’s “complete gacha” design.

This new disclosure of loot probabilities will only be active on console. Since PC has no overseer company, it’s up to independent storefronts like Valve or Epic Games to push the mantra. With major publishers like EA, Ubisoft and more spreading across both console and PC, the disclosed probabilities will hopefully remain the same.