Microsoft Slams Android Tablets As Unsecure, Unproductive, & Uneasy To Use In White Paper For Governments



Microsoft has written a white paper for governments warning them of the ‘hidden costs’ in using android tablets.  In this time of economic downturn, a dwindling tax base, austerity measures and a the paradox of deficit spending governments are looking to save money where they can and it is understandable how appealing a cheap Chinese android tablet may be.  Consider the following: a cheap hooker and an expensive escort ultimately achieve the same goal, but you get what you pay for.

A recent white paper from Microsoft compares Android vs Windows devices and shows that Windows devices are a superior choice, offering better security, a more productive experience for users AND an improved ability for IT to manage mobile devices WITHIN the boundaries of existing PC cost structure and technical infrastructure.

The paper looks at four areas critical to public sector and education – Ease of Use, Security, Productivity and Lifecycle – and found that Android-based solutions fall short on many aspects. Two points emphasized in the white paper is the incredible fragmentation of the Android ecosystem and the significant difficulties to update and secure devices makes Android devices a risky proposition to consider. By contrast, the paper shows how Windows devices offer the path of least resistance for adoption of tablets for any organization that is serious not only about achieving mobility benefits, but also securing valuable (and often confidential) business information and controlling the IT costs.

Read the paper below:

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