Microsoft Skype Rated Poorly In EFF’s ‘Secure Messaging Scorecard’

Microsoft Skype
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) yestersay released its Secure Messaging Scorecard in which they did evaluation on dozens of messaging technologies on a range of security best practices. In that, Microsoft Skype was rated poorly since it offers only encryption during transfer and it can’t be read by Microsoft.

The scorecard includes more than three dozen tools, including chat clients, text messaging apps, email applications, and technologies for voice and video calls. EFF examined them on seven factors, like whether the message is encrypted both in-transit and at the provider level, and if the code is audited and open to independent review. Six of these tools scored all seven stars, including ChatSecure, CryptoCat, Signal/Redphone, Silent Phone, Silent Text, and TextSecure. Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime products stood out as the best of the mass-market options, although neither currently provides complete protection against sophisticated, targeted forms of surveillance. Many options—including Google, Facebook, and Apple’s email products, Yahoo’s web and mobile chat, Secret, and WhatsApp—lack the end-to-end encryption that is necessary to protect against disclosure by the service provider. Several major messaging platforms, like QQ, Mxit, and the desktop version of Yahoo Messenger, have no encryption at all.

Source: EFF