Microsoft signs up with the Power Matters Alliance

imageIn a press release the Power Matters Alliance(PMA) announced today that Microsoft Corporation has joined the PMA.

The move will give Microsoft access to PMA specifications for advanced wireless charging features.

PMA is a rival to the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi standard, which is very widely deployed, including on Nokia’s Windows phones.

"Microsoft is a great example of an innovative company that can help fuel adoption of the technology on a large scale in many different areas of consumer electronics," said PMA President Ron Resnick. "It is critical to get the industry moving in the right direction and create as many options for consumers as possible to fuel the widespread adoption of wireless charging."

The PMA notes Microsoft will help advance PMA’s goal of developing the global ecosystem of interoperable wireless charging products and venues.

PMA is backed by companies such as Duracell, Starbuck, McDonalds and AT&T, with AT&T recently forcing the removal of Qi charging from the Nokia Lumia 1520, in place of a removable PMA-compatible shell.

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